Claims Declaration

Notify Angel Movers
In the unlikely event of loss or damage of any kind the first step is to notify your moving team or if noticed after the movers have left to contact Angel Movers as soon as possible. All damages should be noted on the bill of lading or inventory condition checklist or if discovered after the movers have left all damages should be written down and the damaged items or containers kept separate and untouched until Angel Movers has had the opportunity to inspect it. Do not panic. Call for help.

Payment is Still Required
It is important to note that the full charge from Angel Movers for moving your goods will still be due and payable that day regardless of any damage or claim as agreed to and by law. One reason is the movers are not claims specialists and cannot negotiate a settlement for any claim of damage, their job is only to record and note any damage with you.


Time to resolve
Depending on the claim it may take a little time to get estimates or approval or to schedule a repair. Some claims can be solved in minutes and some need longer to come together. We are a solid business and will stand by your side throughout.

Follow the proper process
It is important to follow the legal process and you have rights and responsibilities for any claim against Angel Movers but, you must first pay your bill, notify us of any claim immediately and fill out an official claim form. There is an instruction sheet to help complete the claim form accurately and completely

We don’t disappear
We don’t disappear after the bill is paid! We solve problems and do not run from them. We earned your trust and aim to keep your respect. We protect our customers and do not hide when a problem arises!

We Earn Your Trust!

  • We never over-book
  • Great rates in the industry
  • Several sizes of trucks
  • Free use of wardrobe boxes
  • Floor protectors
  • Clean padded blankets
  • No last-minute fees
  • Angel Movers trusted care

Stress Free Move

  • Guaranteed low rates, no surprises
  • We blanket wrap all your goods
  • Fast and honest movers
  • Professionally trained staff
  • Basic and extended protection plans
  • Stress-free move experience

What You Get

  • Floor runners and carpet protectors
  • Wardrobe boxes for your moving day
  • Forty clean-padded blankets
  • Several upright and flat dollies
  • Tool box with all the necessary   disassembly tools
  • Shrink, mattress bags and tape, for   resale
  • Extra supplies and/or equipment   upon request
  • Optional customer protection plans

Angel Movers & Storage is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and recognizes a need for the appropriate management and protection of any personal information that you agree to provide to us. We will not share your information.