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Not Covered

1. Unwrapped Glass meaning glass not wrapped, boxed or crated.

2. Standing Pole Lamps that are not unscrewed, disassembled, and placed in a sealed box.

3. Particle Board or chip board like assembled kit furniture that is not disassembled and is not strong enough to safely move. These particle board pieces are so fragile and often they are not assembled correctly and are missing screws or have locking screws that were not locked making it impossible for us to take responsibility for its transport. Just by lifting it up an inch it may fall apart and is not reasonable for us to claim liability.

4. Owner packed cartons unless clear visible damage to the exterior of the carton is noted at time of delivery. It must be clearly due to transport and not due to poorly packed items within an owner packed box.

5. Stamps, money, bank notes, legal papers, photographs or other extremely valuable items of like kind.

6. Perishable goods including food as we can't guarantee the temperature.

7. Plants as we can't guarantee a sensitive plant will survive transport.

8. Pets and livestock are not covered with our protection.

9. See Conditions of Carriage for details or call Angel Movers & Storage Ltd.

10. You need to base your need for more protection on the value of your shipment, the risk involved in moving it and any coverage you may already carry with your home insurance. We comply with the "Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers"

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Angel Movers & Storage is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and recognizes a need for the appropriate management and protection of any personal information that you agree to provide to us. We will not share your information.