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Cargo Insurance: Plan One

Plan One: Released Value Protection (FREE)

All relocation projects are covered with Released Value Protection and provides, at a maximum sixty cents per pound included at no charge. This is the most basic protection meant for low value moves or moves already protected through other insurance providers such as your home insurance or third party moving insurance.

Released Value is the industry standard at sixty cents per pound multiplied by the weight of the the shipment and as recommended by the Good Practise Guidelines For Canadian Movers.

You may choose to download a PDF copy of the "Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company" from Industry Canada's Web Site.

If you require a PDF reader, Adobe Systems provides this application, free of charge and can be downloaded here.

For Example a 100 pound television would, in the unlikely event of a claim, net a settlement up to sixty dollars or a two-thousand pound shipment would net a settlement up to one thousand two hundred dollars. This is the minimum coverage acceptable for us to move your items and it is included in the price. Exclusions, terms and conditions may apply.

Want better protection? Plan Two: Total Loss Protection

Total Loss Protection only costs $100 and covers up to $5.00 per pound up to $500 per item up to $25,000. It is medium protection and highly recommended for moves not protected with home insurance or third party insurance and moves that want better than Released Value.

Plan 3: Replacement value Protection

Replacement Value Protection is the best protection possible with us. It requires two extra forms and the time it takes to fill out the forms but it is the best available and recommended for high value moves not protected with third party insurance and for long distance moves. See conditions of carriage for complete details or contact customer service.

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