Carrier’s Protection

Carrier’s Protection


Released Value Carrier’s Protection – Included at No Additional Cost to Customer

All relocation projects are covered with Released Value Carrier’s Protection and provides, at a maximum sixty cents per pound. There is no charge to the customer to have this coverage, or to make a claim under this umbrella. This is the most basic protection meant for low value moves or moves already protected through other insurance providers such as your home insurance or third party moving insurance.

Released Value 
is the industry standard at sixty cents per pound multiplied by the weight of the item being claimed for, and as recommended by the Good Practice Guidelines For Canadian Movers.

For Example, 
a 100 pound dresser would, in the unlikely event of a claim, net a settlement up to sixty dollars, which is the equivalent of $0.60 for each pound it weighs. This is the minimum coverage acceptable for us to move your items and it is included in the price. Exclusions, terms and conditions may apply.

Want better protection? Plan Two: Optional Added Coverage

Available: $25,000 – $75,000 Replacement Coverage.

Fee to purchase this : $10.00 per $1,000.00 of coverage, there is a $25,000 coverage minimum purchase.
**The amount of coverage you purchase before the move, must match the total value of your contents on your current homeowners/renters insurance policy. For Example, if your current policy states that your contents are worth total value $55,000 you must purchase $55,000 of coverage with this third party coverage.

Purchase When: At least 72 hours or more prior to your moving date.

Deductible: In the unlikely event of damage or a claim for damage there is a $500.00 deductible to be paid by the customer at the time the claim is submitted.

Our Advice: We Strongly Recommend our clients place an inquiry with their current home owner/content insurance agent regarding content insurance during a relocation. Often it is included in their existing policy, if not, many Insurance Companies will provide a temporary ‘Rider Policy’ to the client for the purposes of Content Relocation Coverage. This coverage, when available to you, is the least expensive and most comprehensive coverage. Be sure to check the deductible for claims, and bring that cost down prior to your move.

Claims Declaration

Notify Angel Movers
In the unlikely event of loss or damage of any kind the first step is to notify your moving team or if noticed after the movers have left to contact Angel Movers as soon as possible. They will ask you to provide photos of the damage, as well as a brief description of what you think happened to cause the damage, if you know or happened to see it.

Payment is Still Required
It is important to note that the full charge from Angel Movers for moving your goods will still be due and payable that day regardless of any damage or claim as agreed to and by law. One reason is the movers are not claims specialists and cannot negotiate a settlement for any claim of damage, their job is only to record and note any damage with you if they are aware of it before the move is concluded.

Follow the proper process
It is important to follow the legal process and you have rights and responsibilities for any claim against Angel Movers but, you must first pay your bill, notify us of any claim immediately, and provide photos of the damage being claimed for via email, IF your moving team did not see the damage and already take photos while they were there.
You should file your claim immediately, and you have up to a maximum of 14 days after the move to do so.

We don’t disappear
We don’t disappear after the bill is paid! We solve problems and do not run from them. We earned your trust and aim to keep your respect. We protect our customers and do not hide when a problem arises!

Not Covered / No Liability

1. Glass, mirrors, lamps, artwork, televisions, and monitors that are not properly packed.

2. Standing Pole Lamps that are not unscrewed, disassembled, and placed in a sealed box.

3. Particle Board or chip board like assembled kit furniture that is not disassembled and is not strong enough to safely move. These particle board pieces are so fragile and often they are not assembled correctly and are missing screws or have locking screws that were not locked making it impossible for us to take responsibility for its transport. Just by lifting it up an inch it may fall apart and is not reasonable for us to claim liability.

4. Owner packed cartons unless clear visible damage to the exterior of the carton is noted at time of delivery. It must be clearly due to transport and not due to poorly packed items within an owner packed box.

5. Stamps, money, bank notes, legal papers, photographs or other extremely valuable items of like kind. Please secure any valuable jewellery or cash etc prior to moving day. Things often get lost during transition – with so much else going on – please do not leave items lying around, or in drawers either.

7. Plants – we prefer to not move plants if we don’t have to. When we do – we will not be held responsible or liable should damage occur to the plant itself, or the pot/planter it is in.

8. Pets and livestock are not covered with our protection, and we do not move any living breathing beings in the back of our trucks. Please make alternative arrangements for your pets on moving day.

9. See the Limited Liability section (below) which is written on both your Estimate and your Confirmation Letter for more in depth details of items not covered.

Gas/Propane/Oil/Liquids: Unfortunately we are unable to take anything that has gas, oil, fuel, or propane in our truck due to insurance regulations. If you have items which are operated by fuel of any kind they must be empty and dry before we will load them into our truck. If you have a propane BBQ – we will take the BBQ but not the propane tank. We also recommend you do NOT put any liquids in your packed cartons, we are not liable for spillage or the damage it may cause to your other contents/belongings.

Oversized/Overweight/Fragile Heavy Items: Customer is responsible to have all appliances or equipment etc to be unplugged from any water/electrical sources. We will not take responsibility, nor will we be held liable, if any damage occurs to the item or the structure of the residences while moving oversized /overweight items such as appliances, pianos, treadmills, gym equipment, stone-like items etc. We will handle these items with as much care as possible of course. Please follow your moving team throughout the residence with a soft cloth in hand to immediately wipe up any potential water leakage – to prevent water damage. Pianos are moved from ground level/main floor to ground level/main floor only. We no longer carry pianos up/down full flights of stairs. Five (or less) porch steps are ok as long as the piano doesn’t need to be flipped on one end to get through at top or bottom of those stairs.

Floor Lamps/Tower Fans/ Floor Fans which are not one piece (pole screwed into base) must be disassembled by the customer in advance of their moving date and have it packed in an appropriate carton. If the floor lamp is not disassembled and packed in the appropriate carton – we will not be held liable for any problems which may occur.

Particle board/press board often breaks under it’s own weight just sitting in the corner untouched. We will not take responsibility or be held liability for any piece of press board, or particleboard which breaks during the move, although we will handle these items with as much care as possible.

Paintings/Art/Glass items which are not properly packed in appropriate cartons are not ready to move. We do not take responsibility for any paintings, art works, or glass items (mirrors, table tops, shelves, picture frames, table lamps etc) which have not been packed in proper moving cartons for your move. It is your responsibility to have these items packed correctly, we will not be liable in the event of damage. We are not liable for any mirrored, or glass encased tables, cabinets, or side tables etc. If you require professional assistance with the proper packing of these items, please speak to our customer care team at least 2 weeks in advance of your move. Thank you.

Flat Screen/Plasma TV Carton Service: If you have a flat screen, plasma TV or PC monitor on the premises please have it packaged in its original carton with the proper Styrofoam ends. If you do not have the original packaging, purchase a TV carton with foam corners from either Uhaul, Home Depot, or various box stores in the GTA such as Farrell Pack Inc . (mention Angel Movers if you call FarrellPak ) You may also choose to transport your televisions and PC monitors in your own vehicle as well. We will not be held liable for televisions or monitors which are not properly packaged, and will not load them into the truck. Thank you.

We Earn Your Trust!

  • We provide user friendly estimates in advance with all in writing, up front
  • We never over-book
  • Competitive rates for our service level
  • Well maintained moving trucks
  • Floor protectors/runners
  • Clean padded blankets
  • No last-minute fees
  • Angel Movers trusted care

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  • Guaranteed hourly rates, no surprises
  • We blanket wrap all your goods
  • Fast and honest movers
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  • Basic and extended protection plans
  • Stress-free move experience

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