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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

We Need Moving Supplies! How Much?

Our complete supplies list and pricing has been structured below for your convenience:

Boxes Single Bulk Description
1.5 Cube - book box $2.53 20 for $45.54 Heavy items such as books and records
2 cube - small $2.75 20 for $49.50 Small items such as dishes, kitchen
goods and breakables
4 cube - medium $3.64 10 for $32.76 Medium items such as pots and pans
6 cube - Large box $4.94 10 for $44.46 Large light items such as linens and toys
Picture Box (small) $6.25   Small pictures and mirriors
Picture Box (large) $7.75   Large pictures and glass
Wardrobe box $13.50 no bar Mini closet keeps hanging clothes clean
Wardrobe bar - 2' $2.00   Required to use mini closet
Supplies Single Bulk Description
Tan tape $2.40 6 for $12.00 Packing tape to seal boxes
Shrink wrap $21.00 roll Plastic wrap used to protect items
Queen bed cover $6.50   Keep your matress clean and dry
King mattress bag $8.75 pre-order King bag for one king mattress
Packing paper 10lb $14.50 2. for $27.00 No ink to  clean off items

When Should I Schedule my Move?

If you are planning your move for very soon, which means within the next couple of weeks, don't wait to get the move booked! Truck space on moving trucks can fill up really fast and then that moving company that gave you that great price for your move won't have room for you anymore. Also, if the moving date is really close, like a few days away, you want the peace of mind of knowing you have a moving company that will be there. If you have a schedule to meet, the longer you wait to book the move makes it all that much harder for moving companies to meet your needs! Finding a good and reliable licensed, bonded and insured moving company for a last minute local move or long distance move is very hard and will be VERY expensive and nowadays we're all trying to save some money, right? So, be smart and make sure your move is booked at least a couple of weeks ahead!

Is There a Minimum Charge?

Yes, we do charge a three hour minimum work time plus the travel time on all moves. For example a 2 man move has a three hour minimum charge even if it only took 2 and a half hours to complete it.

Moving mid month you will save money. Be prepared, well packed and organized. Everything is time-based... are we taking the beds apart or are you? That's time that could be saved if you are on a budget. Talk to Angel Movers for guidance, we can help to ensure you get the best bang for your buck!

How do You Protect my Home and Furniture?

We wrap your furniture with moving blankets or shrink wrap to protect it and we will lay out blankets or carpet runners on your floors.

What is Travel Time?

Travel Time is a flat rate that we charge to compensate the 'travel time' it takes for our moving team to leave our yard to your home and then to return back to our yard. Your move might be 4 hours long but our men will work for 5 hours total because of their 'travel time'. We all know how long traffic can be some times and this is a necessary charge.

What About the Free Wardrobe Boxes?

We bring Wardrobe Boxes for you to use on moving day for free. They are mini closets with a 2 foot mini hanging bar to hang your finer clothes. We can hang your clothes quickly and hang them in your new home stress free. With notice we rent extra wardrobes.  This service provides 8 feet of hanging space free of charge.

Do I Need to Place a Deposit to Reserve my Truck?

We require you to place a $100 deposit to reserve your truck. We normally charge it to your credit card and apply it to your invoice on moving day. It is refundable with 2 weeks cancellation notice. It may be refunded with less than 2 weeks notice IF your truck appointment can be re-booked.

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