Rates, Fees, & Protections

Rates, Fees, & Protections

Hourly Moving Rates Updated March, 2023 5 Tonne Truck
2 Movers + 24 ft Truck $135.00/hr
3 Movers + 26 ft Truck $175.00/hr
4 Movers + 26 ft Truck $225.00/hr
*3 hr labour minimum + 1 hr minimum travel time charges apply to all moving services
(our minimum is subject to change without advance notice)
*The above noted rates apply to any/all days of the month except Sundays/Holidays.
Fuel is $50 within the City of Toronto

The above rates are subject to change and may vary due to the time of year and demand. For our latest rates and/or holiday rates, do not hesitate to contact us.

No Surprises

We provide all necessary information regarding our rates and pricing structure, upfront, combined with exceptional customer-service and integrity to ensure our customers aren’t surprised on their moving day.

Payments and Taxes

We accept contactless payment via MasterCard, Visa, or American Express only. We do not accept cheques, email money transfers, or cash.

Full payment is due immediately upon completion of your services, and is subject to HST. 

All of our invoices, receipts, and payments are processed in our office automatically. You will be emailed a sales receipt shortly after your service. 

You do not need to discuss your bill, or provide your payment, or credit card, to your moving team ever. The only money you discuss with your movers is if you choose to tip them, cash is always the best form of tip when earned. This is at your own discretion.

Extra Costs

Hourly rates do not include moving supplies (tv cartons/wardrobes / blankets for storage, shrink wrap etc), extra services (piano fee for example), fuel costs, mattress covers (mandatory), or extra protection plans above Released Value Carrier’s Protection.

No extra costs for added services or extras required will be a surprise, all is discussed and planned for in advance. Most basic moving services have everything they need included, but optional extras are always available should you need/request them.

Deposit Required

A Security Deposit via credit card is required to schedule any move. We accept Visa, Mastercard, or Amex for this deposit. The deposit amount is  $200 per truck per day. Your deposit amount will be deducted from your total on Moving Day, if there are no last minute changes to your moving date which could result in loss of deposit.

What if I Cancel?

We will REFUND your $200 deposit if you notify our office of your cancellation or change of moving date at least 14 days/2 weeks in advance of your scheduled service date. Less than 2 weeks notice and your deposit will not be refunded. If you schedule a move on the first or last three days of any calendar month, you have up to 21 days prior to your moving date to change the date or cancel the move, without loss of deposit.  If you notify us within the last 72 hours prior to the scheduled moving service that you wish to cancel the service or change the date of the service, there is a much stiffer penalty in this case. Please speak with our customer care department.  

Please book wisely, and select a moving date with confidence, once you have all in order on your end.  

Why is there a minimum?

Our staff are paid a four hour minimum shift no matter how short their shift is. It is our responsibility to ensure we pay our staff properly.

To maintain a qualified and skilled team of pro movers, the financial incentive must be worthwhile. 

We also cannot continue to deliver our quality of service,  if we reserve trucks for a half day and only earn 1 hour work.
Granted your move may take less time but we hope/trust you find that our service is worth it.

Angels Movers Truck

Reputation Speaks / What You Get

  • Customer Care excellence from your very first contact.
  • Complimentary Estimates – and we never overbook.
  • Fast, honest, experienced movers
  • Very competitive rates for our level of service
  • Ample spacious well maintained moving trucks.
  • Floor runners and carpet protectors
  • Forty clean-padded blankets
  • Several upright and flat dollies
  • Tool box with all the necessary disassembly tools
  • Shrink, mattress bags and tape, for resale
  • Extra supplies and/or equipment upon request.
  • Angel Movers & Storage Ltd. trusted care.
Delivering Angels Movers Truck