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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Our Fleet of Moving Trucks

All of our trucks are large 5.1 tonne moving trucks which measure 24ft + 26ft and are equipped with everything needed for your relocation service. Tool box, furniture pads, dollies, straps, and a hydraulic tail gate. They are cleaned nightly, and well maintained. We have GPS tracking systems installed for out of city moves/long distance relocations.

We require 40 feet (length) of truck parking with a minimum overhead clearance of 13 feet.

Proudly sporting our Company Name and Logo - you will be confident that we are Angel Movers & Storage Ltd. when we arrive.

With Every Truck You Get

Below you will find just a small sample of items which are part of our standard package and included on all of our moving trucks. Extra equipment, supplies and staff can be requested to meet any move, large or small.

Need Storages?


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