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Monday, March 18, 2019
Our Fleet of Moving Trucks

Small Truck (14 Foot)

Our small trucks are ideally suited for small one bedroom suites or studio apartments, small one bedroom homes or small one bedroom and den. We have both diesel and gas models of this truck and will arrive one moving day with necessary supplies and moving equipment.

Truck-size specifications: Inside=7'8"W x 6'7"H x 16'L 810 cubic feet of space

Medium Truck (16 Foot)

Our medium trucks are ideally suited for large one bedroom homes or average 1 bedroom plus den home or small two bedroom home. This truck is a 3.25 ton with air suspension and GPS tracking for long-distance relocation.

Truck-size specifications: inside=7'7"W x 7'1"H x 24'L 1164 cubic feet of space.

Large Truck (24 Foot)

Our large trucks are ideally suited for the average two bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartment, three bedroom home and up. This truck comes equipped with all moving supplies and necessary moving hardware. This is a 5.1 ton truck.

Truck-size specifications: Inside=7'7"W x 8'5"H x 26'L, 1539 cubic feet of space.

With Every Truck You Get

Below you will find just a small sample of items which are part of our standard package and included on all of our moving trucks. Extra equipment, supplies and staff can be requested to meet any move, large or small.

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